Dog Walking Policies 

Payment & Scheduling

Billing happens Sunday for the upcoming week’s walks.  We can also charge once on the first of the month for your package. We accept Venmo and Paypal.  We kindly ask for your schedule a month in advance.   If you only know your work schedule on a weekly basis, that is also fine.

Federal Holidays

All Federal holidays that occur during a work week, we are closed. We offer weekend and holiday coverage, with advance notice.  Please let us know as soon as you are planning for holiday vacations. 

Text Messages 

After each walk, the walker will text you with an update to let you know how things went.  This often includes a fun photo!  

1 HOUR Arrival Window 

We ask that you allow a 1 hour window for the dog walker to arrive.  Some days get more jam packed than others, so we like to have a grace period.  So for example, if your walk is scheduled for 2 pm, the window would be from 1:30 and 2:30 for the walker to arrive.

Meet and Greets

For new clients, we require a free meet and greet.  You will be introduced to your awesome dog walker, and go over all the needs for your pup.  If you decide to go another way there is no charge.  We like to do them inside the apartment, if you are comfortable with that.  

Insurance Carrier

We use Pet Sitters Associates LLC for our company

Solo Walk FEE

We walk up to 3 dogs at once.  If your dog EXPLICITLY has to be walked alone, it is an additional $7 on top of the base rate.  Aligning our schedule with dog friends, helps us walk more dogs per hour.  And socialize our clients.  


We operate on a walk minimum of 3 walks per week.  Here is a guide to our Minimums. 

Service Area

Generally speaking, we service these zip codes: 11237, 11206 11221 11207

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